Thursday, December 2, 2010

Air Raiders. The Power is in the Air!

My brother and I were mainly GI Joe and Star Wars figure collectors.  We called them our "guys".  Sometimes, cool looking toys would come along and we would veer off the path and try out different toys to collect.

We tried a line called Air Raiders.  They were pretty cool looking and they used "plastic balloon technology" to launch missiles.  Very appealing to young boys.

I got this one...
 It came with a little figure, about an inch and a half tall.  Mine had two right arms.  Lame.

My brother got this one...
His guy had normal arms.

They didn't catch on with us and we didn't get any more of them.  Maybe it was during the time when we were outgrowing toys.

Maybe it was because I got a guy with dorky arms.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red and Dead. A New Recruit's Blues.

Here is a drawing I did and submitted to a t-shirt site.  It wasn't selected but I want to share it now.  I thought it was a funny idea...poor red shirts.