Friday, July 15, 2011

I Made Music...

Many years ago, I bought a fancy keyboard.  I never had any training of any kind, nor did we have a piano in our house growing up.

I bought this keyboard after a year of playing music with my good friend Curtis Mayrand, who is a drummer and one of my roommates at the time, Dave Cheney, who played guitar.  We played, never rehearsing any songs, just jamming and recording.  It was a lot of fun.

So, after that, I got this keyboard that you can record on tracks on a sequencer.  Basically, I could hit record, play a selected instrument, hit stop, hit record again and play a different instrument sound, and repeat this process until I "liked" the sound...or just plain got bored.  It was pretty fun, but difficult at the same time since the thing made me play drums and percussion on it since there were no pre-recorded drum tracks to use.

Anyway, I never practiced anything--I just sat down and recorded.  You Ross on the show Friends. 

So, needless to say, it is far from great.  Pretty far from good for that matter.

So why would I make a Myspace page for it and put it online?  Basically because I like to not take myself seriously and am generally pretty self-deprecating.

Here is a link to it.  I called it Stormbecker (based on a GI joe band my brother and I made using the Dreadnoks action figures). 

Listen to the madness here

I have eight songs featured.  What's funny, (or not...depending at how you look at things) is I have about 40 songs recorded.  So, enjoy!  And feel free to laugh all you want.

I think it's funny!