Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby...and some random thoughts.

I haven't spent much time in looking into the details of the court ruling that is being called the "Hobby Lobby" ruling, but a few thoughts came to mind, and I thought up this...

Let’s say I choose to have a garden.  It’s not a necessity that I have this garden, but I like it and I want to continue having it.  But one of the consequences of having the garden is getting rabbits.  Some people know that is a consequence and are OK with that…maybe they even want rabbits.  But some people don’t want to have rabbits as part of their life and they want to have methods available to them to get rid of the rabbits.  Some of these people think the government or even employers should pay for the ways to get rid of them.  You could trap the rabbits.  You could use deterrents.  Or you can choose to not have the garden at all.  You could even pay for a guy who will kill the rabbits to get rid of them.
So…should other people have to contribute to the methods of getting rid of the rabbits for you?  Is it OK to make an employer have to pay for the killing of the rabbits, even if they only are OK with the other methods?  The methods that block or deter the rabbits, they are fine with…but maybe they are animal activists and they don’t want to be forced to pay for the killing.

Just some thoughts…not meant to anger some or cause arguments.  Just looking through a different lens.

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