Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Don't I Eat Better and More Often?

It's really hard to convince yourself to eat healthy.

     Well, at least it is for me a lot of the time.  Nutritious food just doesn't taste as good.  It's harder to prepare and harder to shop for.  Making a healthy meal is harder to shop for and to prepare.

     But when you finally get smart and start trying to eat healthier, you can tell right away.  Just last night we had Tilapia and green beans.  It was prepared with health in mind; not drenched in butter and creamy sauces.  And you know what, I could tell right away. 

     I said, "You know, we should eat healthier more often."

     I tend to have more energy and I am in a better mood after eating well.  And I know I am getting the vitamins that my body needs that I am sure I am low in.  I start to realize that the healthy foods can actually taste pretty darn good.

     So, with all of this being said, I think the same thinking can be used in spiritual life and the soul.  You start feeding it what it needs, and it feels better.  It fills what seems to have been lacking.  If I am able to start my day with reading a bit of the Bible, it sets my course for the day to think about things a little more in line with my spiritual walk.  I may pay more attention to my thoughts or actions and where they are in line with a God-focused life.  What's sad is how easy it is to veer off course.  To get involved in unimportant worldly things that so easily distract.  So I pop a vitamin and read a verse.  Or I'll plan a meal and pray.

     I'll try to be better and focus on Christ.  Because I know if I feed myself the right foods...I'll be better prepared to face the day.  And the more I eat healthy, the easier it is to get into the habit of eating the foods He wants us to eat.  He makes the ingredients.  I have to lean how to cook with them.

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  1. Greg, well said. Have you considered purchasing a juicer? I bought one last year in the Spring and let me tell you, what an easy and tasty way to get all your vegetables and fruits in! My favorite recipe is 4 organic carrots, two granny smith apples, and a big handful of fresh organic spinach. I can't always afford to buy organic so I do the best with what have and try to be grateful always. A healthier body and mind allow for a healthier spirit, like you said. I've been an on-the-go praying kind of person much of my last ten years. I have recently started to kneel at my bed to start the day with prayer and I'll whisper the words so that I don't get so distracted or let my mind wander to my tasks of the day. It makes everything feel more true and makes me feel nearer to Heaven. I agree with what you said. I don't normally comment on blogs and I don't normally read them! But thanks for sharing this today. Best of successes to you in the health of body and spirit.