Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An ironic learning moment.

     My dad gave me this book not long ago and I am reading it in bits and pieces right now.  It's the kind of book that is good to read in chunks, and then chew on what you've read and allow it to sink in a bit.

     So this morning I was reading this book, "Prayer" while taking care of necessary business of the #2 persuasion, if you get my drift.  (On a side note, this is where I get a good majority of my reading done.)

      "We think that we must help God to fulfill our prayer.  But this has never been God's intention.  We are to pray.  God Himself will take care of the hearing and the fulfillment.  He needs no help from us for that."

     Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that earlier the author talks about our expectations in the answers of the prayers.  We often don't get an answer in the timing we expect or in the way we expect, which can cause us to lose faith or become frustrated with the whole process.

     So, this thought process is running through my head.  Since I am home with the kids, I have the reality of having to use the bathroom with the door open since I need to be aware that all is ok throughout the house.  This gives my boys plenty of opportunities to barge in and hand me toys to put together, complain about their sibling or make requests of me to get them something.  today, my youngest was asking me for "letter cookies"--one of their favorites.  I told him I wasn't able to, but would get him some soon enough.  So he happily walked out, but came back with the same request in seconds.  Again, I told him he'd have to wait.  He whined/asked again, and I answered his request again.

     "Honey, I know exactly what it is you want, but you are just gonna have to wait for Daddy."

     Then it dawned on me...and I chuckled.

      That's probably what God is saying to us a lot of the times that we pray.

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